About us

Are you keen on constructing, programming, creating or inventing? 

If yesthen you should visit us at Panevezys Robotics Center (PRC) RoboLabas! 


PRC RoboLabas is a subdivision of Panevėžys Education Center which provides high-quality inclusive non-formal education preschool children, youth and adults.

PRC RoboLabas is a great place for “rebelious creators” of all ages to meet in daily activities where they learn to construct and program robots, learn by playing, and solve problems creatively.




The after school activities at PRC RoboLabas are organized according  3 main thematic areas: 


  • the TechnologicalEngineering education program promotes the application of practical knowledge and technologies in the creation of projects, implementation of various solutions, design and management of technological processes; 
  • the Smart Specialization program introduces innovative technologies, product development processes and methods that use the results of these activities, stimulates creativity, willingness to take an interest in the possibilities of smart business creation, helps scientific institutions, public and private sector entities to develop specialists, 
  • the Creative Industries program develops creativity skills, encourages the implementation of creative ideas in the preparation of projects, encourages the analysis of cultural and creative industries, offering products and services. 




Our rebelious creators“ belong to different age-groups: 


RoboNovies (pre-schoolers) are the ones who learn to express their creativity and collaborate by constructing at an individual pace. During the activities for this age group playing together is the key factor for developing social, emotional and cognitive skills. 



RoboResearchers (6-8 year olds) who get acquainted with the basic science of construction and programming, develop technological creativity, apply and strengthen the knowledge of project developing skills during the after school activities. 



RoboDevelopers (9-11 year olds) focus on acting independently or collaboratively, delve into current global issues, during the activities they develop technological-engineering solutions and tools, overcome the occurring problems by finding solutions with the help of  programming. 



RoboNovators (12+ year olds) already have the experience and can choose which field they are most interested in: engineering, programming, multimedia or technical creation. By delving into the selected activities, they improve their existing and acquire new technological literacy competencies, which they apply in the implementation of innovative ideas. 



PRC RoboLabas takes an active part in organizing and participating in many other activities, such as: 




Do you want an interesting, fun and at the same time useful birthday or entertainment for your work team? We invite you to experience the adventures of RoboWorld! During the celebration you will construct your super-robot, learn the basics of block programming, get acquainted with various robot technology solutions. 

Robots created by participants will challenge each other on race tracks or sumo rings! Great festive mood, fun team activities will leave indelible impressions! 



PRC RoboLabas and its partners are actively implementing local and international projects aimed at stimulating the interest of children and young people in technology, engineeringmathematics and innovation. The projects include non-formal education activities for children, camps to improve students’ achievements in STEAM education, testing various innovative processes and solutions, thus contributing to the promotion of technology, science and the development of young researchers. PRC RoboLabas is constantly searching for project partners in the fields of non-formal education of children, robotics, engineering, STEAM, implementation of innovations. If you want to become PRC RoboLabas project partner or have ideas that you would like to implement together, write to: 




Another area of ​​PRC RoboLabas activities is educational excursions. We welcome all technology and robotics enthusiasts from 5 to 100 years of age at the center. During the education, you will get acquainted with PRC RoboLabas, learn about its activities and, depending on your age, have the opportunity to try out the construction of robots, writing program codes, and various other technologies. We offer the following programs: 


For 4-10 year olds  the program RoboBrain Exercise, 

For 11 – 14 year olds – the program Robot Mechanics, 

For 14+ year old young people and adults – the program Lord of LED Lights. 




An integral part of PRC RoboLabas activities are competitions, contests, exhibitions. We invite everyone who is not indifferent to technology and creativity to participate. The center unites those interested in the field of robotics. PRC RoboLabas is the largest place in Lithuania dedicated to robot competitions, which provides opportunities to not only train, prepare for competitions in Lithuania and abroad, but also gain experience and consult with professional specialists-teachers. 




PRC RoboLabas is an accredited volunteer organization that invites initiative and active youth from 14 to 29 year old  to contribute to the Centre’s activities. Volunteering can be a lot of fun and it’s a great way of meeting new people. You will learn organizational skills and contribute to organizing competitions, representative events, offer new activities as well as build up valuable experience while donating your time to a good cause. Whatever your motivation, you can be sure that your efforts will make a real contribution to the work of PRC RoboLabas. 

The center welcomes anybody who is careful, has a lot of patience, can help managing the educational environment, prepare for events, classes.  



When the lessons end and you still want to spend some time with friends a great opportunity is the PRC RoboLabas camps, where you can create, discover, meet, make friends, have fun. Exciting and engaging camp activities await you all during both your summer and winter holidays!